Orthopedic Joint Components

Joint Components







Shoulder Components

Galaxy shoulder frame
Targeting Guide

Targeting Guide (19975)

Allows positioning and fixation of the Wire Guides which can be fixed parallel, converging or diverging according to the type of fracture.

Wire Locking Clamp

Wire Locking Clamp (93620)

Consists of two disks which lock the 2.5mm Threaded Wire passing through the clamp.

Threaded Wire

Threaded Wire (93100)

Is self-drilling and self-tapping. Insertion of the Threaded Wires allows correct fixation and compression of the fracture.

Elbow Components

Galaxy elbow frame
Elbow Hinge

Elbow Hinge (93410)

Allows identification of the center of rotation of the elbow, flexion-extension (up to 175°) and micrometric distraction (15mm) of the joint

Elbow Motion Unit

Elbow Motion Unit (93420)

Allows controlled, limited flexion-extension of the joint.

Elbow Distractor

Elbow Distractor (932200 - 93431 - 93432)

To distract the joint intra-operatively in case of elbow stiffness.

Wrist Components

Galaxy wrist frame
Galaxy fixation for wrist 2

Wrist Module (93350) Joint Mobilisation During Treatment

( ±20°/±40°) for improved functional recovery and Patient comfort.

Radiolucency for appropriate
fracture site visibility

Easy Compression and Distraction